4c of Diamonds

Know your diamond before you buy


Diamonds are weighed in Carats. This is not be confused with percentage of Gold purity which is measured in Karats. Each carat is equal to 1/5 gram (0.2 grams) and each carat is further divided into 100 points.

Due to rarity of diamonds with large carat, diamonds with large carats cost many times more when compared to small diamonds totalling the same weight.

TGJ specializes in premium diamond jewellery featuring rare diamonds in large carats.


The brilliance of diamonds is due to the internal reflection of light. In the rough, a diamond looks like a glass bead. It takes a master craftsman to plan and execute the sculpting of the rough stone. A prefectly executed cut results in the maximum return of light to the eye and thus the tell-tale shine of diamonds.

TGJ sources and selects diamonds that have the perfect cut. So perfect, that they exhibit “Hearts and Arrows” formations.


By virtue of the formation deep inside earth, rough diamonds have small inclusions. When seen under magnification, they appear as tiny crystals, clouds or features. When being cut, gemmologists often sacrifice raw weight of diamond to obtain diamonds that are perfect in cut and clarity.


Diamonds are naturally colourless. However, most diamonds mined, display barely perceptible hints of colour ranging from colourless to light tint. Diamonds displaying no colour at all are graded D/E/F and have the highest value.

An exception is fancy coloured diamonds, where the diamonds exhibit deep colouration such as yellow, pink or blue. In such case the deeper the colouration, the higher the value. TGJ crafts premium diamond jewellery using D/E/F diamonds only.


Often called the 5th C of a diamond, a certified diamond with an undisputable record and guaranteed value.

Diamonds, in particular ‘Solitaires’ are certified by Gem Laboratories that have specialist personnel and equipment to measure and verify the 4C’s of a diamond. The diamond’s record is presented as a certificate and a tracking number is often etched into the rim of the diamond.

TGJ solitaires are certified by GIA or IGI labs around the world.

Hearts and Arrows

Perfectly cut diamond shines the most. A mark of perfectly cut round shaped diamonds is the formation of “Hearts and Arrows“. When viewed under specialised magnification tools, light reflecting off the perfectly formed facets of the diamonds reveal the hearts and arrows patterns.

When viewed from bottom, the diamond shows eight perfectly formed heart shapes and when viewed from top, the diamond shows eight perfectly formed arrow shapes.

If not cut mathematically precisely, diamonds show either asymmetrical, irregular or broken hearts or arrow shapes. Hence, a diamond displaying perfect hearts and arrows is a symbol of epitome of workmanship.

TGJ solitaires display perfect hearts and arrows and feature brilliance that easily sets such jewellery apart.